Hi, I'm Tina! a simple person that want to explore the beauty of life in different ways... wait oh not only the beauty correction, its about anything and everything that life has hehehe :D big and simple that make me smile, happy, sad or even cry! A frustrated artist and photographer, talented person with creative thoughts! Pet and Nature lover and God Believer..

I have four beautiful and talented sisters and my one and only loving mother! I have three dogs and a cat that i love.. even they always make our home a big mess! hahaha Friends? I'm not that friendly but still i have great all-time kind of friends. I'm with someone! He's a she, and she's amazing! ♥

Eating (Burger, Pizza & Pasta, all food with cheese are on my top list), Reading (anything under the sun), Running and Traveling (All Around the World if that's possible) is my Life! and wait also watching movies and TV series (So many to mention, well my top favorite is Pretty Little Liars)

Enjoying, Exploring and Carpedieming... My blog is about all things that i love and some that i want and hoping to have... hehehe Hope you enjoy it as well as some other re-blogs :)

Just remember this: "Doing what you like is Freedom.. Liking what you do is Happiness"
Enjoy and Be Happy! ^_^

Pusss in a boots :)

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